Midsummer CARSHOW on Gotland is a regular event, since 2008, gathered a group of motor enthusiasts with Per & Kickan at Gang Willow Farm, to make plans for Midsummer week on Gotland, the weather is usually good here and the worst of the tourist invasion has not started yet.

It became a hit in 2008! with approximately 70 participants, tours, maypole, herring and new potatoes, rock 'n Roll and Motor snack, pleasantly that whetted the appetite.
We have now midsummer 2010 behind us, and then with about 180 participants from north to south. Weather fine as usual, we are targeting us in 2017, and plans are in full swing!

A bit basic idea is to use the accommodation and the potential for events at
You make your own excursions or participate in joint missions in various locations.
Live bands, herring and schnapps is a given, and that children and youth must also have his.
The farm has canoes and small boats, fishing, swimming, traktortur, table tennis, pinball, billiards, darts or to hang out and cuddle with the animals.
There are also opportunities for watching movies in our cinema, vinylbar for night shift more than 1,000 old vinyl records, all served with plenty of nostalgia,
Within 2 km are sandy, 18-hole golf course, stocked ICA business, venue "NärsakarScen" footpath "Linnaeus Trail" and sports area with tennis court.

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